Unbridled power. Respect and prestige. Decadent wealth. The superrich Barron family is accustomed to getting whatever – and whoever - they desire. They embrace life the same way they do everything: without limits. There are rules for everyone else…and there are rules for a Barron.

Since his father died, Lane Barron has been the one to keep watch over the family and manage their sprawling fortune. He and his siblings were taught from an early age that nothing is more important than family… nothing is more important than being a Barron. With this knowledge ingrained deep inside of them from birth, the close knit family embraces life the way they do everything else – without limits. 

However, after a fatal accident takes one of their own, they’re reminded that they are only human. Their brother, Clinton Barron, was the family’s saving grace, but he was far from perfect. When he and a secret mistress are killed in an automobile accident, the Barron’s are devastated. Clinton leaves behind a wife, two daughters…and a four year old son from the mistress he loved with his last dying breath. His child is now at the center of a tug of war between the Barron family and Miranda Turner, the sister of Clinton’s mistress.

Lane is determined the child will be raised the way his brother would’ve no doubt wanted; he’ll be raised a Barron. Even though he knows from past experience that Miranda won’t give up without a fight, the end result is already a foregone conclusion. But someone is determined to take deadly steps to insure they get what they want. By the time all is said and done – another Barron will die. 




Along with his siblings, Reed Barron was groomed from birth to do whatever was needed to remain on top. It's in his blood to win at all costs and damn the consequences.

The attraction Reed has for his sister-in-law's best friend, Skye Christian, is something that he fought to resist with everything in him. Reed never considered himself the settling down type, but he freely admits that Skye could be 'the one'. 

However, it's difficult for a Barron to change his ways, and when Reed betrays Skye in the name of business, he succeeds in destroying the fragile bond they've managed to build. He also fails at the one thing he promised to never do, and that was betray her trust.

Being a Barron, Reed has an unyielding pride...but so does Skye. She's had enough hurt to last a lifetime. She's learned that when someone shows you who they really are...believe them. 

Lies, broken promises, and painful secrets set off a series of events into motion that could cost Reed and Skye everything. They'll be left asking one que stion: was it worth it?


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Heiress to the fortune of one of the riches families in the world, Taylor Ann Barron embraces life the same way she does everything else: without limitations. She follows no one’s rules–she makes them. Now, however, it seems as if Lane, her oldest brother and patriarch of the family, wants to rein her in and put an end to her wild ways.

Determined to come out on top, she turns to family friend, Maxwell Banks, who also happens to be her brother’s best friend. After several explosive bumps and well constructed roadblocks, they finally come to a breakthrough in the passionate, but complicated, layers of their relationship.

Max, however, has secrets of his own that prevent him from being completely honest with Taylor. Any hope of them building on the fragile bond they've formed is shattered once the details of his deception come to light. When the betrayal is discovered, it could cause more than the loss of trust–it could be the end of someone’s life.

Being Barron 3 is the third book in the Barron Trilogy. Books 1 and 2 can be found on Amazon as well as other books by S. K. Hardy.