The measure of a man can be defined in many ways: the way he handles conflict, accepting responsibility for his actions, and how he learns from his mistakes.

After being dumped off in an orphanage by his mother when he was only seven years old, life forces Darrell Monroe to quickly grow up at an early age. The only one he trusts is his best friend, Marcus Bennett. As teens, the two run away and learn how to survive in a cold world that’s either do or die. Knowing there has to be something more than the mean streets of Philly, they eventually move to Las Vegas.

Once there, Darrell runs into the woman who will ultimately change his life. Roni Winston is not looking to invite trouble into her life. Men as arrogant, good looking, and sexy as Darrell Monroe are the definition of the word. Not only is he way too young for her, she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. When she hires him as an exotic dancer for her club, Eclipse is born and his star quickly rises in Sin City. The legions of willing women are plentiful, and for a while, Darrell has no problem indulging in every decadent pleasure they offer until he tires of the superficial life he’s leading.

He never stops wanting the one woman he can’t have: Roni Winston. As he matures, circumstances allow them to explore the spark which quickly burns into an inferno. In her eyes, he sees the possibility of becoming the man he’s always wanted to be. But a past he left behind collides with the future he’s trying to build. Once that happens, all bets are off.



Las Vegas. Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas–or does it?

When you, by chance, meet that person you think just might be “the one”, do you listen to your head and play it safe - or open up your heart and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime?

Three years ago, Aleesha met Dr. Marcus Bennett at a conference in Las Vegas. The brief hours they spent together were positively scorching - and the man had yet to kiss her! When Marcus doesn't show up for what is sure to be the best night of Aleesha's life, she chalks it up to a lesson learned and goes back to Atlanta a couple of days later. She never hears from or sees him again...

Until her two best friends fly her to Vegas for a fun filled weekend to celebrate her impending marriage to the man of her dreams. Out of two million people residing in the city, Aleesha bumps into...Marcus Bennett!  Embarassed by her inebriated actions, this time she is the one bails. Resolving to put this man out of her mind once and for all, nothing can prepare Aleesha when their paths cross yet again the next evening. She finally has to ask herself if seeing him again is just a coincidence - or fate. 

Aleesha isn’t the only one who’s tempted in the city of sin. Her best friend, Jerra, tries in vain to resist Marcus’ arrogant stripper friend, Eclipse. The man's sex appeal is ridiculous and his swagger irresistable - and he knows it! Normally the level headed one, Jerra throws caution to the wind and gives in to the most basic of desires only to learn the meaning of phrase "if you play with fire, be prepared to get burned". 

After the women get home, they move full speed ahead with Aleesha's wedding plans. However, they discover the sexy men of Sin City are not so prone to let the weekend’s happenings stay in Vegas. 



Marcus and Aleesha are finally enjoying a life together, but like all new relationships, they're going through severe growing pains. While Aleesha is hesitant about taking that next step, another woman comes on the scene and decides she wants Marcus for herself - no matter how she has to go about it.

Darrell and Jerra are now married and awaiting the birth of their baby. However, Jerra still hasn't been completely forthcoming with Darrell about an incident from her past. Before she is able to tell him about the secret she's kept buried for so long, a crisis with their best friends arise that demands their full attention and support. Will she be able to share the burden she's been carrying around for so long before it ruins her marriage?

Keisha McKnight answers to nobody but herself, and that's just the way she likes it. When she meets her male counterpart, Dominick Spain, things seem perfect. No expectations, no commitments. But life has a way of showing you that you don’t always call the shots, and the two of them grow closer every day. However, a person from the past enters Keisha and Dominick's life and threatens to destroy everything they've worked to build. Will they be strong enough to come together and defend the people they care about as well as what they have with each other, or will they collapse under the weight of an obsession so twisted there can be only one to handle it - once and for all.

Twisted Obsessions is more than just erotica. It takes you on a ride so unbelievable, the outcome is the last thing you would ever expect. Because even in the Vegas heat, revenge is a dish that’s still best served cold.


Ex-football legend Amir Montgomery is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. When his ex-fiancée dumped him because of cheating, Amir decided to live life his way: no excuses, no explanations, and no apologies.

Women vow to tame the notorious bad boy and be the one to make him finally settle down. There’s just one problem: settling down again is not in Amir’s game plan. At least not until a fling from the past catapults his world into a tailspin. 

Darrell and Jerra Monroe have had their share of challenges in the short time they’ve been together, but those situations have only served to make the relationship between them stronger. The only thing Darrell has ever asked of his wife is to be honest and truthful and he will do the same. Anything broken can be fixed as long as the trust is there. The outside world is cold enough without having to watch his back with the one person whom he should be able to trust above all others. But the one thing he asked for is the one thing Jerra didn’t give.

There’s a thin line between secrets and lies, and that line has been crossed in more ways than one. For every act, there is a consequence. The result just depends on the nature of the beast – and how forgiving it feels like being on any given day.




After years of being estranged from the only family he has left, Angelo "Angel" LaCroix and his brother have finally put the past behind them. However, there is one more thing Angel has to do to right a terrible wrong done before he can forget and move on.

In the process of doing so, he comes in contact with an acquaintance from his old life, a woman who disrupts his carefully structured world and gives him a glimpse of something he thought he’d never have – but can she accept him for the man he is? He’s made a promise to her to get out of the game…one day. 
But that time is not today because for every step he takes to legitimize his operation, something always happens to pull him in deeper. 

There are things he’s done that he’s not proud of, but he'll never apologize for taking the necessary steps to keep his family safe. For now, this life is his "norm". Nicole can either choose to accept that reality...or not. 

Nicole Randolph knew Angel before he became the powerful and feared man he is now. The fierce crush she harbored as a young girl fast develops into the strong love of a woman. But with that love comes the knowledge of the world he lives in, a world that’s completely foreign to her and goes against everything she was raised to believe...and she refuses to compromise – even if it means losing the only man she’s ever loved.




Just when the lives of the three couples we’ve grown to know and love seem to be as close to perfection as they can possibly get it…all hell breaks loose. 

A devastating occurrence from Aleesha’s past rears its ugly head, spawning hot anger and wary mistrust in Marcus. He struggles to reconcile the woman he thought he knew to the woman he’s beginning to learn some harsh truths about. Even so, the two of them made vows that they intend to keep…for better or worse. Struggling to overcome their obstacles, things are on their way to getting back on track when the unthinkable happens. So much has been forgiven already. There’s a limit to how much a marriage can take before the rocky terrain becomes too rough to travel. 

Darrell realizes how much he’s hurt Jerra, but he now knows nothing is more important than his family. Nothing. He grew up in an orphanage and then became a young pupil of the streets of Philly all because of the selfish actions of one woman: his mother, Tina Monroe. Now she’s back, wanting to make amends and right the wrongs she’s done, but that’s one chapter Darrell refuses to reopen. However, a life changing circumstance turns all of his well laid intentions into a tailspin…especially when Tina divulges a well-kept secret that makes him question everything he ever thought he knew about her.

Dominick and Keisha’s lives are enhanced by the arrival of the newest member of their household, but their baby is not enough to calm the storm brewing in their marriage. All couples go through growing pains, and the Spains are determined to work past theirs. They are on the way to doing just that when Dominick discovers past actions of his youth have birthed consequences that will change his and Keisha’s lives forever. He also realizes he's more like his brother, Angelo, than he thought. And that's not what Keisha signed up for. 

Get ready to take another drama filled ride with Marcus and Aleesha, Darrell and Jerra, & Dominick and Keisha. As is always the case when escaping with ~SK~…nothing is ever what it seems!






In SHADOWS OF DECEIT, Dominick discovers he has a son he never knew existed. The brief affair with Isabella Cruz that produced the child happened twelve years ago. Now, Isabella is dead. Her sister, Melania Cruz, is the head of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel and blames Dominick for Isabella’s death. She vows vengeance for her sister… and she’s using Dominick’s son to get it. 

Angelo LaCroix is a man that few dare to cross. He has already warned Melania that his family is off limits. However, with the history the two of them share, he knows it’s only a matter of time before she comes after his brother to satisfy her misguided thirst for revenge. Angel is not about to let that happen. There’s no greater loyalty than that which is given to family, and Angel will protect his to the end.

The Sin City Heat Series is back and hotter than ever! In NO GREATER LOYALTY, the men and women of Sin City Heat face the threat of unbelievable danger. Relationships will be tested. While struggling to strengthen the fragile bonds of trust, not everyone will escape the fire unscathed.

Get ready to feel the HEAT!


Total Eclipse.jpg


The latest installment of the Sin City Heat Series finds Darrell Monroe's life in a tailspin that he is not sure he can turn around. Darrell has had his share of difficult times in life, but he never used that as an excuse to throw a pity party. He prides himself in evolving from the person he used to be into a man he can be proud to look at in the mirror. Not only is he wildly successful, he loves his wife with everything in him. They've had their share of ups and downs, but the good far outweigh the bad. 

However, just when things finally get on an even keel, he makes a foolish decision that threatens to ruin his marriage and destroy his family. In the midst of that storm, spirals another hit that almost brings him to his knees. Will the tragedy casting an ominous cloud over his once perfect world totally eclipse the life he's worked so hard to build?