After she manages to get out of a violent and tumultuous marriage to one of the most dangerous men in D.C., Sage is finally ready to live again. She only married Ice Lopez to save her sister, but now that she's out of her ex-husband's cruel clutches, she doesn't plan on ever looking back.

Ice, however, has different plans. No one walks away from him until he is ready for them to go. Women are no more than possessions to him. Especially Sage. He comes up with a scheme to get her back, and to do this, he calls in a payment on a debt from Roderick "Rico" Vaughn.

When they were younger, Rico was Ice's right hand man in the drug world. His second in command. Fast forward fifteen years, and Rico is a well respected detective on the D.C. police force. Even though he's taken a vow to protect and serve the badge of honor he wears with pride, he agrees to help Ice this one last time. But Rico isn't doing it for Ice.

Years ago, he and Sage shared a love that defied the odds. He'll do anything within his power to keep her safe from Ice-even if it means breaking her heart again to do it. 

Will Sage and Rico find a way to start over and live the life they've been cheated out of for so long? Or will the price they have to pay to extricate themselves from the long arm of Ice's reach prove too high a sacrifice?

BADGE OF HONOR: Sage & Rico is a fast paced, drama filled, erotic romance. Strong language and sexual situations are not suitable for anyone under 18.

The characters in BADGE OF HONOR: Sage & Rico were briefly introduced in BEING BARRON 3: Taylor & Max. However, it is a stand alone book.




After spending years apart, Gavin and Tracy have finally found their way back to each other, stronger than ever. But soon, the very issue that separated them three years ago resurfaces and turns their lives upside down. This time it’s not a matter of finding a way to deal with their obstacles as a couple; the question is if they even want to.

Thrown together by their best friends, Roman and Lyrica decide to keep the one night of lust they shared between the two of them. In fact, they’d prefer to forget it ever happened. When the four of them take a trip to Mexico, suppressed desires lurking on the sidelines rise to the surface. Rome and Lyrica fall into a passionate affair neither of them wanted or expected. The whirlwind relationship happens so fast that they make the mistake of neglecting to get to know each other as intimately out of bed as they’ve done between the sheets.

In COMPROMISING CIRCUMSTANCES, choices made in two relationships catapult both couples into compromising situations that could end up costing them…everything.




When the man Chance Michaels thought she’d be with forever leaves her for another woman, she struggles to make sense of the mess her once organized life has become. How does she go from being part of a power couple, envied and admired by their friends and colleagues, to the subject of gossip after she’s callously dumped without warning. 

She finds herself lost and alone, unanchored until Aiden Scott enters her life and reminds her that she’s a desirable woman any man would be lucky to claim as his own. But just as Chance makes the decision to leave the past behind and embrace her new future a horrible tragedy strikes, threatening to destroy her second chance at love with the only man she's ever loved.





In an industry struggling for its very survival, music executives Quinton King and his brother Treyvon have proven time and time again that they have the Midas touch. They’re golden. Both of them worked and hustled to make their company, King Entertainment Group, a force to be reckoned with. Along with the victory of success, every King needs a queen. Quinton thought he’d found his in Kyla James. She is beautiful, intelligent, and honest. Most of all, Kyla is real–something he never thought he’d find in an artificial world of glitz, glamour, and groupies. 

However, once Quinton lets his guard down he’s blindsided by the discovery that Kyla has been working with his enemies to destroy him the entire time. Her deception cuts deeper than he wants to admit. Quinton is determined to extract his revenge on everyone who conspired to destroy him…and he's starting with Kyla James. 

*Deceptions was previously posted online as a short story. Deceptions the novel is the same story but includes an excerpt chapter for the upcoming book Deceptions 2: Chyna & Trey




You can catch more bees with honey...just be careful of the sting. 

Brianna Moore is the proud owner of Illicit Discoveries. She specializes in laying "Honey Traps" for cheating spouses. Suspicious wives pay good money to hire sexy decoys to test their husband's fidelity. Sometimes the significant other passes the test...sometimes they fail and take the bait. The ones who fail cry "entrapment". 

But is it? Just because you lead a horse to water, doesn't mean it has to drink. 

Beautiful Stacy Trosclair hires Illicit Discoveries to unearth evidence of her estranged husband's infidelity. The warring couple is in the middle of a nasty, high stakes divorce. Per the terms of the pre-nup, if Stacy's husband is caught cheating, she'll be entitled to millions; otherwise, she leaves with only the clothes on her back. Stacy needs Brianna’s help desperately, but there's a catch: she wants Brianna to sleep with her husband in order to obtain indisputable proof to tip the prosperous scales in her favor. 

Brianna is on the verge of telling Stacy Illicit Discoveries is not a high-priced brothel - until she finds out Stacy is married to the famous athlete, Dallas Trosclair. A lifetime ago, Dallas snatched her heart out and tore it up into little pieces. On impulse, Brianna decides to take the case. This is her chance to extract a long awaited revenge and deliver the ultimate payback. 

But when Brianna finds out everything is not exactly what it seems, it’s too late to walk away. A horrifying chain of events is set into motion. All of the players in the game are swept up into an explosive firestorm of sex, murder, and mystery. 

The Honey Trap will have you asking yourself if you can ever really know a person the way you think you do - especially if the right pot of honey is placed in their path to entice their sweet tooth. 




Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Ian Bertrand was thrown into prison and ripped away from his family and the life he'd built with his pregnant wife, Triniti. She was the driving force behind him fighting his conviction with everything in him… until she filed for divorce.

Part of a wealthy family where status was everything, Triniti is now engaged to be married to the pastor of one of the largest mega-churches in Louisiana. At one time, she'd loved Ian Bertrand with a fierceness that had consumed her very soul. After he was arrested for murder, doubt had set in and eaten away at the lining of her trust. After the judge sentenced him to life without the possibility of parole, Triniti felt as if she’d suffered a devastating loss – in more ways than one.

Now, after serving six years of his sentence, Ian is back, free due to a technicality with the justice system. He’s returned to New Orleans, bound and determined to make the people who callously ruined his life pay.
And he’s starting with his ex-wife, Triniti Montclaire.